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Deva Bikas Bank to distribute 17% Bonus

Deva Bikas Bank (DBBL) is distributing 17.1 percent bonus share to its shareholders. The board of directors meeting of the bank held on August 27 proposed of distributing 17.1 percent bonus and 0.9 percent cash dividend for tax purpose.
The proposed bonus share is subjected to approval from NRB and upcoming annual general meeting (AGM) of the bank.
Deva has paid-up capital of Rs 1.44 billion at present. The bank proposed of distributing 17.1 percent of the total paid-up capital worth Rs 247 million to its shareholders.
Moreover, the bank also proposed of issuing 40 percent right shares of the paid-up capital of Rs 1.62 billion maintained after the acquisition of Union Finance and Sajha Bikas Bank. Furthermore, the bank is also is in process of acquiring Sahara Bikas Bank.
Deva Bikas by earning Rs 289.4 million net profit has maintained EPS of Rs 20 in the last FY.

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