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NEPSE Adjusts Share Price of Citizens Bank

Aug 28, 2017: NEPSE has adjusted share price of Citizens Bank International (CZBIL) after 16 percent bonus distribution. The adjusted share price for the bank is Rs 323 where the average base price is Rs 394.
The bank is distributing 16 percent bonus to the investors registered by the book till August 27. For that, the bank is closing its book from August 28 to September 1.
Citizens Bank earned a net profit of Rs 1.21 billion in the last FY. The bank proposed of distributing 16 percent bonus and 1 percent cash dividend for tax purpose to its shareholders. The bank has EPS of Rs 17.48.
Presently, the bank has paid-up capital of Rs 6.92 billion. After the bonus distribution, the paid-up capital will reach Rs 8.02 billion.

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