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29th AGM & Book CLose-(NLO)

Dear all,

Nepal Lube oil limited's Board meeting held on today 12:05 PM (2077-06-13) has finalised and approved a company's 29th AGM as attached in letter here with.

Main Highlight of Meeting which is approved

1. 29th AGM, 2077-07-05 Wednesday, 11:30 AM, Zoom Apps (Virtual), from Company's office Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

Other agendas to approve in AGM

a. 29th (F.Y. 2076/77) Annual Report submission by chairman on behalf of board

b. 2076-77 all Financial Statement submission 

c. 10% Cash Dividend as proposed by Board

d. Recruitement of Statuary Auditor and remuneration

e. Proposed of growth in Issued Capital from 3 Crore to 5 Crore

f. Misc.

Besides this

Book closed will be from 2077-06-22 to 2077-07-05


Thank you

Best regards

Nepal Lube Oil Limited 

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